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Listen now to Harriers latest single Bombardier!

Plague of the Planet

Harriers Of Discord

We named the album Plague of the Planet before Covid 19. We always planned on a song named the same. But this final track was the only song written at the start of the pandemic, and rightfully so.
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Velvet Tongue

Harriers Of Discord

This is a song about slick tongues and talking your way around anything. It was inspired by fence-walkers and the inability to see things for what they are. Velvet Tongue is the second single to be released from the upcoming album, Plague of the Planet. It's a wild roller-coaster of a journey with a sound that's unique to itself, from punk to prog to metal to surf, topped with rapid fire vocals that are reminiscent of Grace Slick and dripping wet guitar leads, pumping bass and whiplash drums.
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  1. Velvet Tongue


The Sale of Indulgence

Harriers Of Discord

A Spaghetti Western, Surf Rock roller coaster with progressive vibes and growling female vocals.
The Sale of Indulgence, Harriers of Discord's fifth album, takes you on an adventure of epic proportions with blasting kick drums, humming vocals, smooth reverb and no song similar to the next. As a DIY artist, all of Harriers of Discord's albums have been designed, recorded, mixed and mastered by founder Aimee Jacob Oliver and The Sale of Indulgence is no exception, giving you the same creative freedom and tracking that's unique to the band. Unidentifiable to one single genre, you'll hear influences of spaghetti western epics, power surf, metal intervals and an all around undeniable prog rock theme that'll take you back to a time you never knew existed. With catchy dueling guitar riffs from Aimee Jacob Oliver (singer/lead guitar) and Duane Hall (rhythm guitar), rolling bass lines and cameo's from new member Marcus Trujillo, and the unquestionably superlative drumming style of Kriist Long, Harriers of Discord presents to you: "The Sale of Indulgence".
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...and they did live

Harriers Of Discord

Harriers of Discord's first full band album "...and they did live", like you've seen us live,
Equipped with 12 revisited tracks from our past three albums (Wild Caught, Farm Raised; Under The Father's Gun; Thank God For Wood).
If you've seen our performance, you'll know the big difference between our previous recordings and actual live sound.

We love all of our friends, supporters and follower and thank you all for keeping us going!
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The Watcher

Harriers Of Discord

A haunting track equipped with spurs, stomps and a love of death. This track was inspired by a series I had read about the love between Death and his daughters and occupants.
I loved the idea that Death was in fact a physical thing that was always feared and misunderstood, much like the story of Hades.
Why wouldn't death love it's spoils? Thus we have "The Watcher", the lullaby through Death's very own perspective. In all attempts to retain it's lulling qualities, I physically couldn't keep it soft enough for it to remain a simple "sing this to sleep" sort of thing, though it was my intention. I wanted to create a song that would be sung the way "Rock-a-bye baby", or "London bridges", or "Ring Around the Rosie" would be, where there meanings are morbid for a children's nursery rhyme and you grow up going, "what the hell were my parent's thinking?". But rather than scaring the young I really wanted to embody the story of love between us and death, making it more of a reassurance than a warning.

In the end, I feel it started as a simple lullaby and ended as much more, and I hope you enjoy it.

(the books that inspired this were Robin LaFevers' historical fictions.
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  1. The Watcher

Boring People (Revisited)

Harriers Of Discord

As a one year anniversary present, Harriers Of Discord is proud to present the new and improved "Boring People (Revisited)"
That's right, one year of making music just for your ears.

Reminisce way back to Wild Caught, Farm Raised's very first track, a controlled mess of reverb and enchantment. But most importantly, download that shit.
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