1. Velvet Tongue
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Velvet Tongue is a single off Harriers of Discord's 6th album, Plague of the Planet. It's a long journey about the state of the world, it's politics and religious beliefs.

Lyrics & guitar : Aimee Jacob Oliver
Bass guitar: Duane Pico
Drums: Marcus Trujillo

Recorded and Mixed by: Aimee Jacob Oliver with Deactivist Studios
Mastered by: Siddarth Jayaganapathy Saravanan with IFR and Deactivist Studios


Well did you hear about the stakes?
A real rat race.
With little tiny bits of poverty impregnating the place-
And there's a world
...Of dried bloodshed
We scream VIVA LA REVOLUTION under flags over our beds
And there's a Sea
...With some debris
But I can't control the cluster of the garbage we conceive
So take a hint
The System's fine
It's just these convoluted tidings that's exploiting our lies

But don't forget my velvet tongue...

Can you believe El President
Is just a guy
It just so happens that I love the way he always speaks his mind
And from the rich
To poverty
The only complaint that I have's how close the bottom is to me
And you have earned it!
Your trusting fund
We'll be invalidating socialism from a loaded gun
And at the edge
Of our decline
I'll prove there's more than ice encompassing my sick and twisted mind!

But don't forget my velvet tongue...