1. Velvet Tongue

From the recording Velvet Tongue

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This is a song about slick tongues and talking your way around anything. It was inspired by fence-walkers and the inability to see things for what they are. Velvet Tongue is the second single to be released from the upcoming album, Plague of the Planet. It's a wild roller-coaster of a journey with a sound that's unique to itself, from punk to prog to metal to surf, topped with rapid fire vocals that are reminiscent of Grace Slick and dripping wet guitar leads, pumping bass and whiplash drums.


Well did you hear about the stakes?
A real rat race.
With little tiny bits of poverty impregnating the place-
And there's a world
...Of dried bloodshed
We scream VIVA LA REVOLUTION under flags over our beds
And there's a Sea
...With some debris
But I can't control the cluster of the garbage we conceive
So take a hint
The System's fine
It's just these convoluted tidings that's exploiting our lies

But don't forget my velvet tongue...

Can you believe El President
Is just a guy
It just so happens that I love the way he always speaks his mind
And from the rich
To poverty
The only complaint that I have's how close the bottom is to me
And you have earned it!
Your trusting fund
We'll be invalidating socialism from a loaded gun
And at the edge
Of our decline
I'll prove there's more than ice encompassing my sick and twisted mind!

But don't forget my velvet tongue...